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The Rosemont High School Instrumental Music Program is composed of dedicated, enthusiastic, respectful musicians striving for the highest standards of musical excellence. Every effort is made to create a culture where lasting self-esteem is achieved through real accomplishment. Each member performs as part of a unit.

The cohesiveness of each ensemble -- whether it is the string orchestra, symphonic band, concert band, marching band, color guard, winter guard or winter percussion -- serves to define a unique, familial group where bonds of loyalty and caring are commonly expressed through words and actions.

Students who participate in more than one ensemble will find their musical acumen matures more quickly, so that is encouraged. Within each ensemble, individuals have the opportunity to generate their own excitement and enthusiasm.

They do this while developing talents, skills and character that will contribute to each group’s strengths and capabilities. This in turn dramatically increases a student's prospects for personal success, both academically and socially, now and in the years ahead.
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“Active members of an instrumental music group undergo a truly singular and wonderfully inspiring educational experience. I’ve had many wonderful students who gained a great deal of self-respect and confidence through their participation in all aspects of our program. Let’s work hard to continue building and maintaining a tradition at Rosemont that earns the respect of our school and community while having a lot of fun in the process!

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Robin Wilmer, Music Director - 2003 to 2015, now retired after 38 years of service in the Sacramento City Unified School District….
RHS Music Boosters, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
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